CPH Film and Photo School

CPH Film and Photo School is a small school for film and photography in Copenhagen with an ample creative output. The school functions as a career starter, whether the next step is a freelance career or an art academy or film school, or something completely different.

We aim for

-        Productions of high artistic and professional quality, which students can use as a concrete evidence of their talent and competence.

-        Insight in creative work and collaboration processes.

-        Personal clarification and educational focus.

Students study either film production or photography. The film classes focuses on fiction, utilizing professional camera equipment and software. The photography courses are directed towards documentary and art photography, and introduce students to digital and analog photography, Photoshop, and studio lighting.

The school is a creative environment open to all the potential of film and photography with a starting point in each student’s talent. The technical skills are important means to an end, but we believe in personal commitment, practice, craftsmanship, and hard work are the main ingredients to artistic excellence. In the end it is all about communicating ideas and stories.

Our full time classes start in August and January, and students commit to one semester at a time. All classes are taught in Danish and students must have at least basic conversation level Danish skills. We welcome students from other Nordic countries speaking Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish.

For further information, please contact us

KBH Film&Fotoskole
Trekronergade 126F
2500 Valby

tel: +45 3325 0595
mail: info@kbhfilmogfotoskole.dk
web: www.kbhfilmogfotoskole.dk